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Denial Management

Denials continue to be an ongoing issue for hospitals.  Current studies show that the US hospital denial rate averages 11% of gross revenue.  Best Practices is <5%.  The ongoing challenges hospitals face in managing payer tactics, combined with limited staff combined with minimal dedicated clinical resources to work denials, keeps you trapped in this continual cycle.  This cycle leads to a significant loss of the revenue you are owed.

Praxis Healthcare Solutions has the dedicated clinical and legal resources you need to not only increase your revenue, but we also identify the root causes of your denials, providing you actionable data and reports that will provide you the insight and assistance leading to a reduction of your initial denial rate.

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated resources who focus solely on denials

  • RN’s, certified coders and attorney’s working in your behalf on those more challenging denials.

  • Decrease in the length of time to reach favorable resolution bringing in the revenue you deserve quicker

  • Detailed and actionable reports allowing you to determine root causes of the denial

  • Decrease of initial denials