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Praxis Healthcare Solutions offers the following services

Lost Charge Audits

Today, more than ever, it is crucial for healthcare providers to correctly capture all chargeable items and services in order to maximize revenue, at the same time providing the additional assurances that you are remaining compliant with billing rules and regulations. While every facility works diligently to stay on top of the changing healthcare environment, the reality is, you are still faced with daily challenges and finite staff resources. Praxis Healthcare Solutions will partner with you to help you assess and manage any potential revenue loss. Our experiences have shown there are many inadvertent scenarios that contribute to lost charges.

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Commercial and Managed Care Outlier Audit

With the continued complexity of many payer contracts, combined with inadvertent charging errors, you may be losing the potential for greater reimbursement for the valuable services you are providing. Praxis Healthcare Solutions will partner with you to perform an audit of accounts that did not meet your outlier threshold, but came within 2 to 3% of your outlier clause.

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Denial Management

Praxis Healthcare Solutions has the dedicated clinical and legal resources you need to not only increase your revenue, but we also identify the root causes of your denials, providing you actionable data and reports that will provide you the insight and assistance leading to a reduction of your initial denial rate.

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Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Follow-up

Delayed and outstanding claims are painful for your financial wellbeing. Staffing constraints can allow for a “creep” in your aged receivables. Accounts aged 90+ days and greater from discharge have a higher cost to collect and require more effort to resolve. Allow our AR specialists to work the more difficult to collect claims, while your team focuses on the easier to resolve claims.

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Workers Compensation & Third Party Liability

Worker’s Compensation and Third Party Liability payer sources may represent a much smaller percentage of your business; these accounts typically take an inordinate amount of time, usually from your most skilled team members to get resolved. As your partner, Praxis Healthcare Solutions can be your dedicated resource to handle these accounts from Day 1 through resolution.

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Temporary Work Queue Assistance

Short on staff due to vacations, FLMA, etc.? Praxis Healthcare Solutions is able to quickly work with you to establish a work queue within your system allowing our skilled team members to handle anything from the initial billing and follow up or follow up only. Your needs are important and we are able to tailor to match your needs and timeframes.

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